Black/Silver Holder

  • $47.95

The best part of owning my own shop? That’s easy! Being able to hand choose every vendor I work with. 90% of my shop is full of stay at home moms doing this as a side hustle. 
 When you shop the KB⚡️SC collection, you’re supporting two mamas making their dreams come true- we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Lets talk RESIN! What the heck is it? 

Resin is an organic compound that comes in a liquid form. When you buy resin, it comes in two separate forms part A & part B. They need to be mixed together to form the actual resin. These are the resin and the hardener. Mixing these two in equal parts together creates a reaction in the resin particles which leads to the resin being able to cure. Once dried, it forms into a strong and durable plastic|acrylic like finish.

These pieces are 500 degrees heat resistant so you can use them for multiple purposes- although holding jewelry is the cutest way!

Attached to the bottom of the moon you will find silicone feet, this allows for no scratching on any furniture you choose to set them on  

You may be thinking how heavy these are- well SURPRISE! These beautiful pieces are SO lightweight you won’t even believe it! 

Each piece we create, is unique and while they’re all made with the colors you choose- no one else in the world will have the exact one you have! That’s a pretty rad element of surprise!

We worked so hard on this collection and I can’t wait for you to snag one (or both) of these gorgeous pieces!